We would like everyone to know how Cuddlebugs came to be-it's so much more than three girls starting a grooming salon.   Eight years ago the three of us began working together and developed a good working relationship and eventually became very good friends.  On October 10, 2013 tragedy hit-Nicole's 5 year old niece Sarah passed away unexpectedly.  Sarah was not your average 5 year old-for her fifth birthday rather than presents for herself she asked people to bring her donations for her local humane society(Baltimore Humane Society) She had a love for animals and wanted to help them.  After Sarah's passing her aunt Nicole started the Sarah Jayne Orton Memorial Foundation to help carry on Sarah's dream of helping the animals.  With the loss of Sarah Nicole felt that it was to hard to keep her job as a manager for a company that wasn't sympathetic to the fact she was mourning the loss of her five year old niece.  So we all decided we would open a salon with Sarah as our inspiration.  At Sarah's service they talked about how Sarah had been at Hersheypark the weekend before she passed and how there was a picture of Sarah on the roller coaster enjoying herself and they said to learn from Sarah and throw your hands in the air and live life!  So that's what we are doing! Sarah's favorite color was the rainbow-when asked what her favorite color was she would always say rainbow.  The salon is covered in rainbow everything-paw prints all over the walls and fence, rainbow leads, rainbow shelves, everything rainbow we could find.  And the name Cuddlebugs comes from the fact that Sarah was always Aunt Coli's Cuddlebug. There is a picture of Sarah on the reception desk so everyone can see how beautiful she is and what a true angel looks like.  There is also a donation box for those that would like to donate to the Sarah Jayne Orton Memorial Foundation. We would love for everyone to come in and see what we have created with Sarah as our inspiration.  And now you know why it's so much more than three girls opening a grooming salon.